The Beach House Theatre Society consists of a group of creative and talented theatre industry members whose productions offer the audience a cultural, artistic experience in the glorious natural setting of Blackie Spit at Crescent Beach, B.C. The purpose of setting the production in the area is to connect the arts with the local community, to inspire artistically minded youth and to expose theatre-goers to the special charm of Crescent Beach. This is an excellent opportunity for the community to host an exciting summer event while boosting its profile as a progressive supporter of the arts.

By bringing together the community, arts and culture, and the natural beauty of Crescent Beach, the Beach House Theatre Society will inspire not only theatre-goers but local youth. The production will involve a wide range of local performing artists, designers, technicians and producers, with a goal of providing learning opportunities for youth to work alongside theatre professionals. The importance of providing arts education to youth is an integral part of the Beach House Theatre Company’s mandate.

Artistic Directors

Candace Radcliffe
Artistic Director/Producer

Rick Harmon
Associate Director/Producer

Board of Directors

Dr. David Weston

Denise Pritchard
Vice President

Drew Ratcliffe

Emma Waterman

Jim Carwana
Board Member

Sandra Miller
Board Member

Denise Barker
Board Member

Janine Guy
Board Member

Rona Tepper