Help us bring Beach House Theatre back this summer!

For many of us, summer just isn’t the same without that view of the sun setting into the water just beyond the Beach House Theatre stage. It has been two strange summers without our show, or our audience, or that breathtaking Beach House scene. But no more!

Spring has sprung and so have our hopes of bringing theatre back to Crescent Beach! While we are simply overjoyed with the opportunity to set the stage for you once again, our return brings with it a series of obstacles that we have never before had to face.
For reasons you are already undoubtedly familiar with, our ability to secure vendors, suppliers, cast and crew has been immensely challenging this year.
The biggest challenge? Increased costs and longer timelines. The changes have been so great that we have had to cancel our matinee performance – much loved by younger audiences over the years – as we do not have the financial means to support it.

As it stands, we are struggling to cover the main stage performance. But we will not be deterred! We are determined to find a way to bring Beach House Theatre back to Crescent Beach this summer. The Beach House Theatre Society, a team of volunteers, has been working diligently to secure sponsorship from local businesses and support from local government. We are incredibly grateful for the funds we have received so far, and for all of the support our community has shown.

But without your help, it simply won’t be enough. So, we are asking something we have never asked before: Will you help us?

Please consider making a donation to Beach House Theatre today.

Your contribution of any size will go a long way in allowing us to secure our venue and set our stage.

We have a long way to go but we know we can get there.

Support Beach House Theatre, and join us in Crescent Beach this Summer for an incredible show you won’t want to miss.

We can’t wait to see you again!