Based on stories by Robert Munsch adapted by Debbie Patterson

About the show

This fun, wacky, hour long play is based on the popular stories from Canadian author Robert Munsch with a Shakespearean twist! The production features the stories ‘Murmel, Murmel, Murmel’, ‘Class Clown’, ‘More Pies’, No Clean Clothes’, and ‘Good Families Don’t!’

It all begins when three carnival performers, Shakespeare, Burbage, and Kempe discover that all of their fellow performers are missing. They have an audience but no show! What to do? They decide to create a show with the help of Munsch’s stories.

This zany show is bound to be an excellent introduction to theatre for the children of our community for children aged 4 – 94.

Cast & Crew

Courtney Shields – Burbage
Ian Harmon – Director
Marcela Caceres – Shakespeare
Natasha Zacher – Willie Kemp