Poster by Benjamin T. Stone

Photos by Sebastien Galina

by David Farr of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company

About the show

Following outstanding successes with Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and Larry Shue, Beach House Theatre is extremely excited to present a new play, The Heart Of Robin Hood, by David Farr of the Royal Shakespeare Company. The play, written in 2012, has received critical acclaim in London, New York, and Toronto. Beach House Theatre is honoured to be one of the first companies in Canada to produce this epic show. We are thrilled to be able to bring this wonderfully imaginative story to our audience.

This classic English legend has been given an interesting and modern twist. Maid Marion is the hero of the story, and while she dreams of taking charge of her own life, she meets the infamous Robin Hood. Robin and his men are little more than thugs who steal from the wealthy and keep the loot for themselves! They could care less for the poor citizens of the kingdom who are being overtaxed by the evil Prince John. Marion teaches the loveless band of ruffians the importance of giving, and helps Robin find his true heart. This is a beautiful adventure, romance and comedy that includes song, dance, and swordplay. You won’t want to miss it!

Location: Blackie Spit Stage, Blackie Spit Park
Intended audience: Minimum 8 years old
Blankets: Are available at the front of house, you may wish to bring your own.
Dining: Please consider dining out earlier at one of Crescent Beach’s wonderful restaurants.
Evening Gates: Gates open at 7:30PM and 7:15PM on Fridays.
Parking: Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Seating: is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Seating is supplied.
Weather: Show goes on, rain or shine. Please bring appropriate clothing for this outdoor evening event.

Cast & Crew

Candace Radcliffe – Co-Director
Rick Harmon – Co-Director
Geoff McEvoy – Technical Director
Sarah Adams – Production Manager
Benjamin T. Stone – Graphic Designer
Linda Weston – Costume Designer
Michelle Collier – Lady Falconbury / Ensemble
Aran Davison – Much
Patrick Dodd – Robin Hood
Brad Felton – Little John
Tom Gage – Prince John
Janine Guy – Alice / Ensemble
Jeff Hacker – Guy of Gisborne / Ensemble
Dianna Harvey – Rebecca Summers / Ensemble
Jake Hildebrand – Will
Brynn La Croix – Ensemble
Austin Linder – Jethro
Arjun Panesar – GreenMan / Ensemble
Clive Ramroop – Lord Falconbury / Ensemble
Paul Richardson – Bishop / Ensemble
Isabella Sleeth – Sara
Marika Stanger – Marion
Kerry Van Sickle – Makepeace / Ensemble
James Walker – Pierre
Plug The Dog – Jane Weaver